April 14, 2024

Atos and Aspen Systems Seal Licensee Agreement

To provide the Atos Atomic Intelligence Platform to companies throughout the United States and Canada, Atos today announced the beginning of a strategic partnership with Aspen Technologies, a US-based company. 

Overview of the Licensee Agreement

The partnership into the North American market would assist corporate enterprises, academic institutions, and governmental organizations in addressing the key demanding problems of the twenty-first millennium while also offering unmatched processing capacity at a relative magnitude.

The Atos QLM which was unveiled as the largest publicly accessible robot competent in modeling up to 41 qubits, is an entire on-premise ecosystem driven by a global Qu scripting interface. Aspen Solutions will contribute operational infrastructure, comprising setup, administration, and management consulting, to assist Atos QLM across its intermediaries.

Leading astrophysicists and analysts will be empowered to accelerate exploration in fields like climatological modeling and environmental degradation, novel therapeutic breakthrough, and genome sequencing thanks to a partnership between Atos and Aspen Frameworks to distribute personalized content, turn-key qubits and HPC alternatives that are tailored to the needs of consumers’ shift patterns.

The standardization algorithms, construction, implementation, and interoperability capabilities of Aspen Framework will add cutting-edge know-how to Atos’ technologies. According to Emmanuel Le Roux Global Head at Atos, “We have discovered an important companion in Aspen Systems to assist start making Atos’ upcoming millennium artificial intelligence alternatives accessible to clients in North America who belong to the frontlines of scholarly and experimentation breakthrough and the emergence of innovative architectures.

Aspen Technologies is a logical complement to Atos’ collaboration platform because of its scientific capabilities to accommodate customized settings and great delivery philosophy. This community was created to give improved organizational impact focused on the highest quality solutions.

According to Mako Furukawa, senior marketing technician at Aspen Technologies, “Aspen Frameworks and Atos remain strongly united in the mission to offer a wide variety further with capabilities to exert effective performance over the enormous amount of information they create and share.”

Goals of Aspen Technologies

Aspen Technologies strengthens its position as a dependable player in the rising technology world with this licensee arrangement with a worldwide superpower in HPC and atomic simulation. Aspen Networks was founded in 1982 with the goal of offering cutting-edge alternatives to businesses and executives involved in the development of HPC.

The institution’s location in Wheat Ridge, Colorado, has its principal production and activities in the country. Aspen Technologies has been offering HPC products to authorities, secret services, businesses, and academic institutions all around the globe for more than 40 years. Our primary specialties are designing, creating, and maintaining specialized infrastructure and applications for challenging HPC needs.

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