September 24, 2023

AI to Make History as First Robot Lawyer to Represent Defendant in Court

If you have not heard it all, an AI will represent a person in court for the first time in human history. For example, a United States firm, DoNotPay, will forward the chatbot to represent a defendant in a traffic offense proceeding.

Has the chatbot passed the Bar? No, the chatbot did not do nor pass the Bar exam. However, it is common for people to represent themselves in court. That age-old question, will AI take our jobs?

Well, with the advent of AI like ChatGpt and robot lawyers, who can predict? The case will be a routine speeding ticket and will not offer much spectacle. However, for the first time in a court of law, an AI will use real-time data to create a defense.


DoNotPay is a company that offers an AI-powered chatbot service that helps users with various tasks. These tasks include canceling subscriptions, disputing parking tickets, and claiming compensation for flight delays.

A 19-year-old British entrepreneur named Joshua Browder founded DoNotPay in 2015 and is seen as “the world’s first robot lawyer.” The company’s chatbot uses artificial intelligence to guide users through various tasks and provide assistance and has reportedly helped users save millions of dollars in fees and fines.

The AI Lawyer

The company believes in creating a level playing ground in legal representation, and that is why Joshua Browder believes that AI representation is the future. Joshua says that as an 18-year-old, he built the technology and has used it to dispute over 150,000 cases successfully.

He also iterates that they took a lot of time to design and train the AI to reduce legal liability and ensure that the AI can fact-check information and stick to true information. According to the founder, the company has fine-tuned the AI to avoid reacting to everything it hears and runs a thorough analysis before entering the conversation.

Joshua believes many good lawyers exist, but some need to be replaced. For example, he says that many Lawyers charge exorbitant fees to copy-paste documents, and they do not carefully analyze a case.

According to the company, traditionally, the AI asks and examines the case, looks for loopholes, and drafts letters to the relevant authority. In addition, the Ai will be present in the courtroom, make real-time calculations, and provide real-time arguments on the case.

Joshua says he started the company out of frustration. He iterates his story as a young man studying at Stanford; Joshua says he would receive many tickets that he could not pay for due to financial constraints. The founder says that writing and drafting these letters was tedious and repetitive. He realized this was a problem that AI could easily solve, so he started DoNotPay.


Artificial intelligence will revolutionize the legal industry by providing faster, more accurate, and more cost-effective legal services. According to Kate Darling, a leading expert on AI and robotics at the MIT Media Lab, ‘AI can be a better lawyer than a human in certain respects, such as analyzing vast amounts of data and finding patterns humans might miss.’

Furthermore, AI-powered legal technology can handle repetitive tasks more efficiently, freeing human lawyers to focus on more high-level and creative work. As Joshua Browder puts it: ‘AI is not replacing lawyers; it is allowing them to be more productive and do higher value work.’

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