October 3, 2023

AI Takes Center Stage at CES 2023: From Autonomous Vehicles to Virtual Assistants, See the Latest and Greatest in Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is easily becoming the background of technology and the stem all technology requires to cater to all our needs. From electric self-driving vehicles to robots to the amazing space crafts that SpaceX is making, the world is quickly interacting with AI in massive ways.

This year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is a big deal, given that last year’s CES hybrid event saw over 44,000 attendees, despite the pandemic forcing a full virtual event in 2021. However, according to Avi Greengart, a resident analyst at Techspotential, last year’s event was a letdown with ghost halls and hotels.

Nevertheless, Greengart is optimistic about the event in 2023 and hopes it will live up to its glory with heavy crowds and meetings behind closed doors.

The four-day event will open officially on 5 January in Las Vegas on more than 15 acres of land, with special pavilions, ballrooms, and banquet rooms across the city of lights attracting guests to the massive event.

According to analysts, Artificial Intelligence is the new frontier in transport, and the event will see many new generational cars, trucks, boats, and flying machines using Artificial Intelligence. According to a platform strategist, Kevan Yalowitz, the event will make guests feel like they are in an auto show.

Most cars on the market have advanced computer systems that work hand in hand with the mechanics of the car. Accenture, an IT firm in Dublin, predicts that in the next 17 years, most cars will require remote updates as they will fully utilize artificial intelligence.

AI’s rapidly growing role will showcase at the event, with many fields using the technology, such as biotech and medicine firms displaying the newest and hottest technologies.

What AI Technologies Can We Expect at the Event

The CES event has grown to become the pinnacle of automobile showcase, with many researchers and companies showing novel Applications of AI. Here are a few examples.

  • Autonomous vehicles: AI is often used to enable autonomous vehicles to perceive their environment and decide how to navigate and operate the vehicle.
  • Personal assistants: AI is often used to enable personal assistants, such as virtual assistants like Amazon’s Alexa or Apple’s Siri, to understand and respond to voice commands and provide various services and information.
  • Robotics: AI is often used to enable robots to perceive their environment and make decisions about performing tasks and interacting with their surroundings.
  • Healthcare technologies: AI is increasingly used to enable healthcare technologies, such as wearable devices and diagnostic tools, to analyze data and provide user insights or recommendations.
  • Augmented and virtual reality: AI is often used to enable augmented and virtual reality technologies to understand and respond to the movements and actions of users.

These are just a few examples, but many other technologies involving AI will showcase at CES.

Biggest Misses

According to Fierceelectronics, Tesla will be one of the biggest misses at the event. Instead, the smart automotive company will focus on its full self-driving software that will feature new radar systems.

Smartphone manufacturers will also be in short supply, with the companies holding their tongue for the Mobile World Congress. In addition, due to the slump in crypto last year, crypto tech is likely to be in low supply at the event. However, overall the event is one that any tech enthusiast will love.

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