April 14, 2024

A New Trading Feature by OKX May Bring Institutional Investors On Board

OKX, one of the major cryptocurrency exchanges is ambitious to bring in more investors from the mainstream sector. The exchange wants to do it to bring more adoption towards the cryptocurrency sector.

OKX Adds a New Feature

To bring more institutional investors on board, OKX has introduced a new feature. The new feature is set to prove extremely advantageous for institutional investors.

The particular feature will let the mainstream institutions carry out large trades and they will not have to worry about the slippage of asset prices. The new feature will stop the slippage from taking place when the institutional investors make large transactions for huge trades.

OKX Block Trading by OKX

On Thursday, the teams behind OKX cryptocurrency exchange revealed that the name of the new feature is OKX Block Trading. With the new feature, institutional investors will be able to transact huge orders when performing trades.

Simply put, the transactions can be processed by the institutional investors in bulks. The bulk orders are over-the-counter (OTC). Such transactions are carried out privately between two parties supporting each other. Such transactions do not tend to show up on the order book of the exchange.

The feature is used in all Major Trades

Through this particular feature, institutional investors can transact large orders in multiple markets. These markets include perpetual swaps markets, options markets, futures markets, and spot markets.

The investors will be able to use the particular feature on the multi-leg trades as well. The multi-leg trades are also known as combinations of multiple trades.

Some of the major examples of multiple trade combinations include carry trades, straddles trades, and trades with other exchanges.

OKX Stands above the Rest

Following the implantation of the new feature, OKX has become the only cryptocurrency exchange that is offering institutional investors a particular feature.

Now, it is offering investors the block trading platform. The investors will be able to interact with derivatives trading and spot trading with the help of the particular feature.

With the introduction of the block trading platform, institutional investors will have the opportunity of interacting with transactions anonymously. The feature will be extremely useful and highly advantageous for DeFi options vaults, bespoke strategies, and market makers.

OKX Helps the Crypto-verse

During these difficult and highly unpredictable times, OKX has tried making one thing very obvious to the investors. It has tried making them trust the future and long life of cryptocurrencies by offering a new feature.

The investors will know that the cryptocurrencies are going nowhere and most importantly, the mainstream investors will come running to invest in cryptocurrencies.


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